The EXPERIMENT Storytelling Series

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In light of the atrocities in Boston yesterday, and to be respectful to those who have been affected by this tragedy, New Urban Theatre Laboratory is cancelling this Thursday’s Love Experiment at Naga Lounge. Please pray for all the families who have been affected and hold those you love close to you.

The Experiment April

We’re not Foolin’ around in April! Use code: April Baby for a discounted rate!

The Experiment March Edition

This month’s Theme: The good, the bad, the ugly….The “T”!

Come share your stories with us…and we’ll reward you two ways! For more information, contact us

First Place: $50.00

2nd Place: 2 Tickets to 3rd Annual NUTLab 5&Dime at the Marran Theatre, Cambridge, MA

3rd Place: 2 Tickets to see Bouncers showing at the historic Cantab Lounge, Cambridge. For more information on the production, go to:


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