Slugger, Boston Theatre Marathon XIII

We were so thrilled to be invited to participate in the Boston Theatre Marathon. As a new company, this is quite an honor. Thanks, Kate Snodgrass!  We were thrilled to present Slugger, a play that featured in our first season, as part of Step Out of the Cold, Into the Cool

Director, Christopher James Webb              “Holly” Jessica Webb                            “Priscilla” Jackie Davis

New Urban Theatre Lab got to come out and play at the 13th Annual Boston Theatre Marathon sponsored by Boston Playwright’s Theatre. We were honored to produce Slugger, a ten-minute play by local playwright, Terry Johnson, aka Terrence Kidd.

From the playwright, Terry “Terence Kidd” Johnson:

Terry Johnson

“Broken legs all over the stage today at the Boston Theater Marathon. Saw some great plays by friends ( Debbie, April, Bill & Catherine – all brought it) And this playwright – and his GREAT ACTORS – the incomparable JESS WEBB (pictured) & JACKIE DAVIS delivered one, two couple laughs to help the day along. Can’t wait until next year.”

“…both  Jessica Webb and Jackie Davis were fantastic. The best part of writing plays for  me is seeing them come alive with great direction and great acting.”

 Terry Johsonon & Jessica Webb


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