Running on Glass

Director’s Note:

The New Urban Theatre Laboratory welcomes you to POST-RACIAL AMERICA!!  A wondrous land where race is no longer a
factor in establishing identity.  A place where only the content of character counts. There is no longer any black, white, red and yellow.  There are just people.  Today if there is a discussion on race it is done in a calm, rational manner without rancor or discord. After all, didn’t the NAACP officially bury the “N-Word” a couple of years ago?  So sit back, relax and enjoy calm, reflective theatre with no hint of offense or anything else that can rattle the post-racial landscape that we currently frolic in. 

Oh…you’re  still reading this?  Good.  I hoped you would be a bit more skeptical.   Indeed, the election of Barak Obama has not opened up the non-racial paradise that many had hoped for.  In fact, it is fair to say that the concept of race has become more polarized for many people.  Race continues to be a way we identify ourselves; whether it is to find common ground, or to defend against the “other”.    It is possible that most people are not so naïve as to think that America’s racial problems were going to be taken off the table after Obama’s election.  There seemed to be a hope, however, that the conversation would change.  And in many ways it has.  These two plays that you will be viewing
tonight are aspects of how the conversation has changed.  

In Mr. Glass, a young man takes on a journey of self-discovery as he reflects on what that past election has meant to him and how it has altered his view of his own racial identity.   Running the Bulls takes place before the election of Barak Obama. In this piece the battles for racial identity and self-awareness take place between three former friends.  Each comes with a political agenda and all three will be challenged by their own
emotional barriers.
We are honored that you have chosen to take this journey with us.  We at NUTLab sincerely hope that you will be entertained, stimulated, angered, saddened, enlightened, offended, and reassured by the works you will see tonight.

Running On Glass

Cast & Crew

Dina Quan, Production Stage Manager
  This is Dina’s debut as Stage manager. She would like to thank God for bringing such talented and passionate people into her life. Such as everyone at New Urban Theatre Laboratory. She specifically thanks Cliff Odle for giving her this chance. Also to each and every cast and crew member- you are her inspiration. Dina received her B.A. in Theatre Arts from UMass Boston.  She has worked in numerous positions for UMB productions such as House of Blue Leaves,  Etymology of Bird, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Ginger Bread Lady.

Andrea Stumpf (Sound & Light Op)

Andrea Stumpf has a Masters degree in Design and Technical Production from Brooklyn College and a BA from New York University.  She recently moved back into the Boston area after living in New York.  She designed many shows while at
Brooklyn College and designed the set for a play in the Fringe festival in New York.  While in New York, she worked at
the Public Theater, the Atlantic Theater Company and New York Theatre Workshop.  She is now working at various
regional theater companies in the Boston area.

Rebecca Auguste (Run Crew) Rebecca would like to thank God for this great opportunity to work with such talented people. Rebecca is currently a senior at University of Massachusetts working towards a B.A in Theater Arts. She is an
aspiring screenwriter and her ultimate goal to be direct and produce. She has worked on different productions with University of Massachusetts such as Big Love, Etymology of Bird, and Hedda. Rebecca would like to tell the cast and crew they are wonderful and a great inspiration to her future goals.

Kaleigh Carrington (ASM/Run Crew) is a sophomore at Brookline High School. Kaleigh is also an actor with hopes of attending UCLA for acting. She is very excited to be an assistant stage manager for this production.



 Jonathan Louis DentJonathan Louis Dent  is thrilled to be sharing “Mr. Glass” with the New Urban Theatre Laboratory family!  Jonathan is a 2009 Brown University graduate, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies and Theater Arts.  He conceived Mr. Glass in his last semester at Brown University.  Since graduating, Jonathan has continued to sculpt his piece through various performances at schools and conferences in the New England area.  Aside from his solo show pursuits, Jonathan has remained an active participant on the stage. During his time in Providence, he performed in several shows at the Providence Black Repertory Company including: Done, The Etymology of Bird, and A Time of Fire.  Some of his Brown titles include: Death and the King’s Horseman, The Funnyhouse of a Negro, and Peer Gynt.   Jonathan made his Boston acting debut last year in Company One’s production of The Good Negro and Roxbury Repertory Co’s production of Anne & Emmett.  He would like to thank his friends, family, and always that EastsidE for their love and support.  We are fighting for change and art is our weapon.  Look for him in Sons of the Prophet at HTC in the spring.


James Milord (Brother Real)is a devotedthespian. James has appeared in the Company One productions of Clockwork Orange, 103 Within the Veil and Den of Thieves. Mr. Milord has been on two educational tours of Macbeth with Shakespeare Now.  He has since been in the Boston premieres of Six Rounds Six Lessons, Gibson Girl and The Good Negro also with Company One.  Mr. Milord was in Episode 1 of The  Brotherhood as Jamal Lynch and was also awarded Boston’s Best Emerging Actor Award in the spring of 2010. James hopes to continue working on premiere productions with new companies and developing as a playwright and director.

Eric Rolling (Rawlings) is excited to be working with the New Urban Theatre Lab. His past theater credits include Marcus and Dr. White in New Rep’s staged reading of Denise2,  Simon in Absolution (SLAM! Boston), Cory (u/s) and Lyons (u/s) in Fences (The Huntington Theatre Company), Aedile in Coriolanus (Actors’ Shakespeare Project), Oberon and Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Nelson in Cloud Tectonics (Emerson Stage), and Refugee #2 in the original cast of the Gregory Moss play The Argument (Sirius Theatre) among others. Television and film credits include a
series regular role on ZOOM (PBS), a thug in the film Funeral Kings, as well as appearances in the films 21, and Shutter Island. Eric is also a founding member of the Boston theatre company, Rough Week.

Tasia A. Jones (Jade) is an actor and educator with a BFA in theatre arts from Boston University. She recently concluded a tour with Shakesperience Productions, an educational theatre company in Waterbury, CT. She has appeared in such works as JULIUS CAESAR (Shakesperience), STUFF HAPPENS (Boston University) and THE BLUEST EYE (Company
One). Most recently she appeared in Company One’s production of GRIMM. She can also be seen in the feature film OPPONENT (Synthetic Cinema International).


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