The Lab Closes it’s doors Fall 2014

The time has come to say, Farewell. Hey, we had a great time!

We’ve stayed true to our mission to produce new works, to represent folks on the margin, as well as sprinkling some magic, music, farce and truth. We have 3 world premieres under our belt:

Gift of an Orange, by Charlene Donaghy (published in the best American  short plays of 2011-2012)

Mr. Glass by Jonathan Louis Dent

Running the Bulls, by Cliff Odle

Along the way, we’ve been so blessed to be able to produce new works by local playwrights: 

Charlene Donaghy

Bernice Luison

SimCliff Odle

Sharon Pepperglani

Robbi D’Allessandro

Cynthia Chapman

Angel Nunez

Terrence (Terry Kidd) Johnson

John Stenson

Mary Conroy

Katherine O’Neill

We’ve collaborated fabulous directors

Juanita Rodrigues

Akiba AbakaSharon

SquiresJen Alison Lewis

Heather Fry

Sheree Galpert

Christopher James Webb

and have worked with a “who’s who” of Boston actors:

Akiba Abaka

Paul Benford-Bruce

Daniel Berger Jones

James Bockock

Daniel Bolton*

Elizabeth Brady

Calvin Braxton

Bill Bruce

Dayenne Byron Walters

Richard Caines

Jessica Chance

Amanda Collins*

David Curtis*

Peter Darrigo*

Jonny Lee Davenport*

Jonathan Louis Dent*

Ricardo Engermann*

Miguel Fana

Mugisha Feruzi

Lauren Foster

Aviva Galpert

Sheree Galpert

Melanie Garber

Naheem Garcia

Amanda Good-Hennessey

Ronald Gordon

Alycia Greene

Jade Guerra

Nate Gundy*

Jenny Gutbezahl

Art Hennessey

Laura Honeywood

 Bond Hsu

Obehi Janice

Patrice Jean-Baptiste

David Jiles, Jr.*

Daria Johnson

Tasia Jones

Mariko Kanto

June Kfoury

Molly Kimmerling

Jojo Kindeur

Steven Lee

 Jen Allison Lewis*

Cedric Lilly*

Mishell Lilly

Lou Lim

Susan Lombardi Verticelli

Alycia Love-Modeste

Bernice Luison Sim

Keith Mascoll*

A’lisa D. Miles*

James Milord

W. Yvonne Murphy

June Murphy-Katz

Pamela Nguyn

Marquita S. Niles

Clifford L. Odle*

Ed Peed*

Marc Pierre

Cat Roberts

Eric Rollins

Rob Rota

Marie Roy

Micahelle Saintill

Benny Sato Ambush

Dawn Meredith Simmons

Melissa Walker

Christopher James Webb*

Jessica Ann Webb*

Torena Webb*

Lewis D. Wheeler*

Alan R. White

Naeema A. White Peppers

Karimah Williams

Kathy Woods*


Thank all of you so much! It’s been a great run, and we’ve been happy to have you in our corner. I will always smile when I think of Superbowl Sunday, 2009 when I bullied Cliff Odle and Alan White into starting up a theater company. I for one am glad they gave in!  We later on coaxed Derek Stone Nelson to say “why not?” Alan White is credited for the name, as at our first meeting, he literally said, “we need a new, urban theater. 

We are all doing well and doing our own thing in the world. I can now take some time to finish writing a couple of plays that I hope to have produced in the near future. You’ll be seeing us all around working as we all do…looking for the next adventure!  Please share this email with anyone you think would like to come and tip their hat.  Also, visit our Facebook page to share any special memories you may have from any of our productions. We’re happy to say we will be producing one of the 10-minute shorts in this year’s Boston Thater Marathon, as well as our final production in the fall.


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